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Audition for Abiyoyo

Brief Synopsis:

After being banished from their Bantu village, young Azizi and his father Sam set off on a journey like no other. Dealing with their shared grief after the loss of Azizi’s mother, the two end up facing something even bigger: the giant Abiyoyo. Featuring folklore and a score that draws from the rich musical traditions of Africa, the musical's sound is both authentic and powerful, and a unique musical experience that will captivate audiences of all ages. Will Azizi be able to save the village? And will family ties be the bonds that conquer all? Come along for an unforgettable journey of love, challenge, and triumph in Abiyoyo: A Musical Story-Song.

Roles available for 4 men, 4 women, 2 N.G and ensemble:  Casting actors of African American, Black, and BIPOC community.
The ages listed are the stated ages of the characters, not necessarily the required age of the actors.

Azizi, (11-14): A quixotic young man always with his head in the cloud, loves to play
his Engoni (Early African predecessor to the Banjo) a gift from his deceased mother. His hope is his guide.

Sam, (30-45): Azizi's Father, Strong, thin man, A once well-intentioned witch doctor/ Sangoma who has lost his way, His days are filled with sorrow and booze since the passing of his wife. He acts out by tricking and scheming his following townspeople.

Zilla, (30- 45): Once highly revered Inyanga, beautiful and otherworldly even in life, she
has passed due to cancer. He returns to reconnect with her wounded family and warns of things to come.

Auntie Ouafa, (30-40): A large, bubbly, talkative woman, she is currently Inyanga. Brings a bit of comedy and focus to the story. Seems to know and understand all and nothing at all.

Induna, (50-60): Elderly, physically strong-looking, the Induna is local chieftain to several surrounding principalities. Father to Zilla and grandfather to Azizi, he is long set in his ways and his only true goal is to keep the peace among his people and his family.

Pel, (35-50): Town's person and local woodworker, he was at one point friends with Sam. Over the years, he has become frustrated and angered by his antics.

Abiyoyo: A large mythical giant and long thought to only be a fairy tale, his hunger is insatiable. His intent is unknown.

Narrator: Integral to the telling of the story. They move the story along and provide information. Often assumes an outer or inner voice of other characters throughout. An all-knowing presence.

Kiano: Townsperson
Roswell: Townsperson
Samara: Townsperson
Forman: Is the proprietor of the local fishmonger, easily frustrated.
Ensemble roles include Townspeople and Children: Require strong, dynamic and flexible voices. The Ensemble sings throughout the piece, and is a part of the orchestration.

All roles are available.

Other information:

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